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I have nothing but respect for our young people and what they're doing.  My thing is that we as adults did not stand strong and on our square to bring our young people through this process.  I know - I was the young person who had to fend for himself on the streets of New York - I know what happened.  This is why I look at our young people and I say I'm not mad at you.  You are moving through a process because they are attemptiing to destroy the community from within so they are using you - They are buying you out.  But we as adults have to buy them back.  I'm ready to compete with anybody for our young people's minds.  And what we have to do is change the paradigm of how we're interacting with them.  Deal with them from a heartfelt place because whether you realize it or not, its them getting shot down in the streets.  Maybe I don't like everything that I see or hear, or the direction, but I think they're doing a pretty good job considering we as men, as the adult men, didn't cover them when we should have covered them and protect them when should have protected them.

Business Control (Culture Illusion) Interview

Professor Kaba Haiwatha Kamene

(August 2014)

Justin Weir

The Fixer  //  Coach  //  Mentor

Justin is responsible for development, maintenance and implementation of all ProScholars Athletics programs and initiatives. Justin received his Bachelor's in Sociology from Wesleyan University and also worked towards his Master's Degree in Sport Business for one year at the renowned DeVos Sport Business Management Program.  



During the creation and expansion of ProScholars Athletics, Justin spent time working in the not-for-profit industry with organizations such as Harlem RBI and Prep for Prep, a non-profit academic and youth leadership training program that prepares minority students for admission and academic success at private high schools and colleges.  In addition, he also served as a consultant‎ for the Posse Foundation and After-School All-Stars. 


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